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On currency demand

XXX will conduct due diligence on the tokens to be put online. The applicant shall meet the following requirements:

1. Project whitepapers are available for evaluation

2. The team can carry out continuous maintenance and operation of the project

3. The team can make regular information disclosure based on the development of the project and ensure its authenticity

4. There is no possibility of illegal activities

Application way

Please send the following information to [email protected]

● Official website link

● Project white papers and links

● Wallet download address

● Whether it is ERC20, BTS and BTC tokens

Introduction of team members (including management, core developers, etc.)

● ICOs (if there are IcOs, it is a good idea to provide an ICO link or a snapshot of the web page)

● Total amount and distribution of tokens (the amount of tokens held by ICO investors/private investors/core team/project foundation, etc.)

The currency that

If the scrip item triggers the following scrip conditions, XXX has the right to withdraw the scrip.Including but not limited to:

● The project violates the laws and regulations of the country where the project is located and the country where the exchange is located

● XXX shall be delisted if the project party is unable to provide evidence, or the project party can provide evidence but refuses to pay the risk deposit, after receiving reports on the activities of pyramid selling, fraud, money laundering and terrorist financing, etc. which are reported to the project party by the platform.

● If the project progress report is not submitted twice in a row (once a week), the project party will receive a warning from XXX for not submitting the progress report on time.When XXX issues a second warning to the same project for not submitting the project progress report on time (not submitting the project progress report for four consecutive weeks), it will inform the project party at the same time that the project fails to fulfill its responsibility of disclosing information to the public and shall be delisted.

● If the price falls below 50% of the offer price for 15 consecutive trading days, the project party will receive an abnormal trading price warning issued by XXX.When XXX issues a second consecutive warning of abnormal transaction price for the same project (below 50% of the offering price for 30 consecutive days), it initiates a public investigation procedure to determine whether there is any false statement (such as providing false private placement price) in the process of currency placement.XXX reserves the right to delist any project that initiates a public investigation.

● For 15 consecutive trading days, if the average daily trading volume is less than $20,000, the project party will receive a liquidity warning from XXX.When XXX issues the second warning of low liquidity for the same project in a row (for 30 consecutive days, the average daily trading volume is less than $20,000), it will inform the project party at the same time that its scrip is illiquid and does not meet the requirements of the upper currency, so it will be delisted.

● The project party deliberately conceals major events that may seriously affect the token price, once reported and verified by investigation, shall be delisted.

● If the project party's public publicity or market activities harm the interests of XXX community and the communication is invalid, the project party shall be delisted.

● The project side has a major risk event, including hackers to steal money, hide additional behavior, do delisting processing.

● The project team disbanded or members changed, after XXX investigation confirmed, do delisting processing.

● Other circumstances sufficient for delisting.

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