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There are two ways for users to buy digital COINS using legal tender:

1. Purchase directly

If you do not want to pay the advertising fee and handling fee, then please place the order directly without paying other fees.

Direct purchase has six steps, as follows:

A. Search for the currency you want to buy

B. Select the object you want to buy

C. Fill in the transaction data and establish the transaction

D. Conduct transactions, communicate with the advertiser and confirm the payment account.

E. Payment of purchase price to the Advertiser.It is recommended to use the trading method supported by the platform.Please keep the payment voucher after payment.And notify the advertising party to audit the accounts.

F. After receiving the payment, click release.You will receive the digital currency.You can use the purchased digital currency for other transactions on the platform, or you can withdraw it into your own digital coin wallet.

2. Advertise and buy

The advertisement is valid for 14 days and can be reposted/removed/edited no limit times within the validity period.

A. Choose the type of digital currency you want to buy.

B. Fill in the purchase price.You need to fill in the premium rate and the maximum acceptable unit price.If you do not set the maximum acceptable unit price, the system will adjust according to the real-time market price.

D. Choose the mode of transaction.You can set the payment method in advance.

E. You can also set up automatic reply messages.

F. You can fill in the trading limit according to your actual situation.

G. You can fill in the transaction instructions.

H. You can restrict your trading objects to meet certain trading conditions.

I. Advertising.

J. Congratulations on your successful advertisement, and a message will pop up informing you of the expiry date of the advertisement.You can also click on the "copy AD link" directly sent to the seller, let the seller order to sell.If you need to edit the AD, please click the "remove AD" button before editing the AD.Or click on "transaction management" > "my ads" in the navigation bar to manage this AD.

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