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Please bind your registered account to the two-step verifier on your mobile phone:

Be sure to bind two validators, first you need to download the validator on your phone.

In addition, please make sure that the time of the mobile phone and computer you will use must be manually adjusted to the same time as Beijing time and accurate to the second.

Each set of two-step captCha has a validity period of 30 seconds. If the current captcha is about to expire (for example, there are 8 seconds left), it is recommended that you wait for the new set of captcha to enter, and click submit immediately after the input is completed.

Beijing time reference: https://time.is/zh/Beijing

The platform provides binding validators as follows:

1. Google Authenticator

How do I do it

Two-step validation binding tutorial video

Frequently asked Questions about Google Authenticator:

1. Already bound but forgot to backup ciphertext (ciphertext equals two-dimensional code) :

Forget to back up the two-step authenticated ciphertext when binding, but the current status is still available to log in

Please visit http://zhaoxi.daliuliang.com.cn/home/Security/securityIndex.html, the operation to remove the binding two-step verification, then rebind.

New QR code and ciphertext will be generated when re-binding, and you can backup the new ciphertext.

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