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Please select "ID card" or "passport" to verify your real name. Click the link to see the document first.

Reasons and Solutions for common real-name authentication failures

1. No valid photos uploaded

Use the Google browser.

Please confirm that your Internet connection is smooth.

Please confirm that your photo size exceeds 5MB.

If your photo format is PNG, convert to JPEG.

2. Uploading incorrect photos

You may upload photos in the wrong order, please be sure to follow the instructions of the system to upload the verification diagram files in order.

If you have uploaded a photo that does not conform to the authentication format, please use the correct id and a selfie that does not use filters and watermarks to complete the authentication.

The id photo cannot be passed, please pay more attention.

3. Photos have been specially treated

You may be using Meipai or software with filters. Use your phone's native camera software to take a natural selfie.

The four corners of your photo may have time or a watermark on the phone/camera model, please adjust your firmware Settings.

If you have any problem with the operation, please contact the online customer service.

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