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When you find that your account is temporarily restricted from off-market trading, it is likely that your recent order has been subject to a trade complaint.

Why are you being sued?

Either the buyer or the seller may be sued for violating otc rules during the transaction.

If you are the buyer

Orders automatically expire and are cancelled

Cancel the order after 5 minutes

Extend the validity of the order, and for various reasons that the payment cannot be completed, the final payment is not made

Not paid, but marked paid

If you are the seller

Failure to provide valid payment information results in buyer's inability to pay

The buyer provides the proof of payment and marks that the payment has been made for more than 24 hours. The seller still has not released the digital coin

What if you are complained?

If the appeal is established, the system will limit your off-exchange trading rights for "12-14 days" according to the seriousness of the circumstances. Please be sure to wait until the end of the freeze period before trading off-exchange.

If you would like to confirm your defrost time, please contact online customer service.

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