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Download the Google Authenticator

1. If you are using iOS system (iPhone, iPad), please visit App Store, search Google Authenticator, and click "Get" to complete the installation.

2. If you are using The Android system (Android phone) and there is no Google authentication in some Android app markets, OTCBTC provides you with the download of the installation file. Please open this page in your mobile browser and click the following link to download the installation file for installation

Click to download Google Authenticator for Android

Bind your account to Google two-step authentication

1. Enter user Center - Security Settings, click "Google Authenticator"

2. Open Google Authenticator to scan the QR code or enter the ciphertext according to the page prompt

Android users should note: if you are prompted to update GooglePlay while scanning the qr code and cannot access GooglePlay normally, please enter ciphertext instead (it may appear on your phone as: enter the key provided).

After scanning the code, six Numbers are displayed, which is the dynamic password used for verification. The number changes every 30 seconds.Please pay attention to backup and take care of your two-step verification ciphertext and QR code.

After entering the dynamic password, click "Submit" to complete the binding of Google two-step verification.

After the binding two-step verification is successful, you will be required to enter a two-step verification code for each re-login to protect your account security.

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