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1. Real-name verification shall be conducted according to your regional supporting passport or ID card;

2. The real-name verification is automatically audited by the system, which is usually completed within 10 minutes;

3. A single user can apply for real-name verification for a maximum of three times.

4. Two photos shall be uploaded to apply for real-name verification using the passport, namely the photo on the personal passport information page and the photo taken by the individual with the passport;

5. Three photos shall be uploaded to apply for real-name verification with the ID card, namely the front of the ID card, the back of the ID card and the photo taken by an individual with the ID card;

6. The valid time of each application verification operation is 30 minutes. Please complete the photo uploading within 30 minutes.

Vii. Please ensure that the photos are clear and complete;Photo format supported: PNG, JPG;Images should be less than 8 Mb.

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