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We usually use a "password" on the website to ensure the security of the account.

But most exchanges typically add a two-step verification requirement.

Why do we need two-step verification?

For convenience, most users often set up the same account and password for different Internet services.This could easily lead to someone using the account and password to easily log in to other web services that the user has signed up for after the password has been leaked somewhere.

If you want to compare "password" to "two-step authentication".

Passwords are like "seals." You may use the same seal on different websites, or even someone else may use your seal secretly.

Two-step verification is like a "signature" that only you can use.For such an important safe operation as the withdrawal of currency, it must be "oneself" to be able to operate.

The principle of two-step verification

The principle of two-step verification.It's the phone's two-step software

1. The mobile phone software generates a one-time password according to the key provided by the website

2. Generate the key seed after matching and binding with the website.

3. The phone will generate a set of one-time passwords every 30 seconds to clear the site's authentication mechanism

Common two-step verification software

Two-step verification software, usually the industry's most common have these three

1. Google Authenticator (Teaching)

2. The Authy

3. Identity treasure

You can choose a binding to use.

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