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Here are some common trading questions:

1. Confirm that you have a suitable payment method

Suppose the advertiser only offers WeChat payment today, but you only have alipay, it is recommended that you do not place an order with this order to avoid transaction disputes.

2. After placing an order, please confirm whether the other party is online in the dialog box

If the other party is not online, you may not be able to conduct the transaction smoothly

3. Confirm whether alipay and WeChat payments have reached the collection limit

If you can not reach the upper limit of payment transaction, may cause transaction disputes, affecting your reputation.

4. Why are sellers on the platform higher than those on the exchange

Because otc transactions are free transactions between buyers and sellers.As a result, digital coin sellers often set the price above the market price to sell digital COINS in order to get the best profit.At this point, the digital coin buyer will buy the digital coin at a price higher than the market price, but if the buyer chooses to sell the digital coin he just bought, he can easily complete the sale at a price higher than the market price.

In addition, otc transactions are different from general exchanges in terms of transaction costs, trading methods and trading risks, so the price will fall.

5. The price is inconsistent after the order is placed

Since the AD list is sorted, the prices in the list are updated every 5 minutes, but are up to date when you enter the purchase page for a single AD.

At the same time, the actual transaction price of the order is calculated by multiplying the market price at the time of the order establishment by the advertising premium rate.

Since the system locks the price with the number of digital COINS when placing an order, if the market price of digital COINS rises or falls at the moment of placing an order, the amount of legal currency may also change accordingly.

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